Abadiânia, Brazil

City of Spiritual Cures

Abadiânia is a small town and municipality in the state of Goiás, Brazil. It is known as the City of Spiritual Cures because of the presence of the healing Entities, who attract many international tourists seeking cures for their maladies.

Located between Brasília and Goiânia on the BR-060 highway, it has always been a stopping-off point for travelers between the two cities. The Brasilia airport is about a 90 minute drive away.

It lies at an elevation of ​​3450 feet in the high plateau region of Brazil and has a population of 12,736. Despite being a municipality since 1953, Abadiânia was only installed in its present site in the 1960’s.

The population was not happy with highway access and little by little they began to build their houses along the highway 18 kilometers away, where the present-day town is located. Abadiania has a tropical climate. It is usually warm during the day, and the evenings are cool. It is either warm and wet, or warm and dry.​​
“​​On my third trip to the Casa Barbara Rose was my guide. This was an extraordinary experience, truly the trip of a lifetime. Barbara Rose created a wonderful spirit in the group and set the tone for us to experience personal healing and deep spiritual growth. She anticipated our needs and invited a spirit of care, cooperation and joy among all of us.” ~ Julie Curry, Retired Dance Teacher

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​”Barbara Rose has the kind of sweet, loving spirit that I felt throughout my journey at the Casa. I felt she well represented the love and healing I received there. She was organized and prepared every step of the way. She had us prepared for each step of our journey. She was always available to answer our questions or help us when we needed it.” ~ Carol Parks, Pacheco, California

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