Pousada Jardim dos Anjos (Garden of Angels)

Your Accommodations

Located in the quaint village of Abadiania, Goias, Brazil, your home away from home, Pousada Jardim dos Anjos (Garden of Angels), is awaiting your arrival. It is a simple and beautiful bed and breakfast serving three meals a day, except for Sunday lunch. It has a variety of rooms available accommodating small to medium size groups and individuals comfortably. It is owned by two women artists and Casa Guides who live on-site.

The serene atmosphere combined with the hearts of those who come to stay, creates an open forum for healing and sharing on many levels. The front gate of the Pousada is an eight minute walk to the Casa de Dom Inacio. Taxis are readily available for R$10 (approx. $3.50 US) for those unable to walk.

The Meals

Pousada dos Anjos has a dining room with salad buffet, hot buffet, juices, fruit and desserts that please both vegetarians and those who eat meat. Their foods are cooked with high quality oils and local ingredients. Pousada Jardim dos Anjos has the reputation for having the best Pousada food in town. Locals and returning travelers make reservations to partake in one of their meals.

The Rooms

The rooms are​​​ all furnished with private bathrooms, showers, solid beds, comfortable mattresses, mattress covers, cotton linens and towels, nightstands with drawers for storage, a desk/shelving for additional storage, hanging clothes rods, lamps, rugs, floor and/or ceiling fans, window screens, and beautiful works or orginal art. The room upgrades are built to be quieter, feature higher quality windows, Morrocan style tilework, and beautiful wall colors.

The Grounds

The gardens and views are intimate, tropical and lush, with flowers and fruit trees. The wonderful aromas are a daily treat. A quiet lounge area is available for small group meetings. Wireless internet is free and is accessible in the rooms and common areas. There are two routers so wifi access is fairly consistent.

Accomodation Options

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Cost for Room Upgrades

Standard II + $36 (2 weeks) or + $57 (3 weeks)
Superior  +$72 (2 weeks)  or  $114 (3 weeks)
Deluxe I +$132 (2 weeks)  or   $209 (3 weeks)
Deluxe 2 $192 (2 weeks)  or $304 (3 weeks)



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