Barbara Rose Billings, PhD

Your Guide and Daughter of the Casa

When I was twenty-six, I was bitten by a tick while vacationing with a community of nuns of which I was a member. My health went steadily downhill after that. It wasn’t until thirty-nine years later, after many efforts to find the source of my illness, that I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease and three co-infections.

From the first time I heard about him, I wanted to experience the healing work at the Casa de Dom Inaçio in Brazil. So, on a quest to improve my health, I made the trip despite my weak condition. It took about 24 hours to travel from San Francisco to Abadiania. I arrived depleted. As my feet touched the ground when I stepped out of the taxi, I literally felt the symptoms of Lyme disease being sucked out of the bottom of my feet and into the crystal bedrock below. I was filled with a new sense of energy and well-being. This sense continued to grow stronger every day during the six weeks that I spent there.

It was on that first trip that the Entity Dr. Oswaldo Cruz recognized me as a Daughter of the Casa. Then, the Entity Dr. Valdivino invited me to be a guide and to bring others to the Casa for healing. In deep gratitude for my miraculous healing, I accepted their invitations and brought several friends with me on the following trip. On all subsequent visits, my healing has continued to steadily deepen. I continue to witness others heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Although not everyone has the immediate miraculous healing that I experienced, what everyone does consistently receive is the initiation of an ongoing healing process.

“Early in my life I made  a commitment to be of service to people seeking to grow spiritually and to those wanting to heal. It is a privilege for me to guide others who are on their spiritual path for their own Healing Journey to Brazil.” ~ Barbara Rose Billings, Ph.D.

Daughter of the Casa

On a visit in 2012, the Entities requested that I set up a Meditation Group where I live in Marin County, California. They promised to come and heal people. The Casa Entities have kept their promise. They come to be with the people who gather to join in meditation, just as they are present at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania. Today, over 100 people gather in San Rafael, California to meditate and receive healings for themselves and for others on the third Sunday of every month.

Early in my life I made a commitment to be of service to people seeking to grow spiritually and to those wanting to heal. This early vision led me to spend thirty years in a convent where I studied spirituality and various healing modalities.

Today, no longer in the convent, I have been married for over twenty years. I continue to assist others with their spiritual growth and healing processes. I enjoy helping others through my private practice of Integration Therapy, which includes clinical hypnotherapy, spiritual direction, medical intuition, Feldenkrais, EMDR, Reiki and numerous other healing modalities. More information about my private practice can be found on my webpage:

I also work as a Healing Harp Therapist at Marin General Hospital. I am deeply moved and inspired by the healing power of music.

It is a privilege for me to guide others who are on their own spiritual journeys and feel that a trip to the Casa de Dom Inaçio is a part of their path. I look forward to being of service to you.

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