Casa de Dom Inacio

House of St Ignatius of Loyola

The Casa is named after Dom Inacio (St Ignatius of Loyola), a highly evolved, wholly compassionate Entity of Light and Love who has a huge ‘army’ of Entities of Light and Love (other evolved beings in the spiritual realm). These Entities work tirelessly and lovingly alongside him on whoever comes to the Casa seeking help.

The Casa operates as a Non- denominational Temple and a Spiritual Hospital where innumerable spiritual Entities work to help us heal, physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

The Casa operates on the principles of Spiritist doctrine, but anyone, regardless of their faith or religious belief, is welcome at the Casa de Dom Inacio. In Brazil, Spiritism is practiced with great discipline and devotion in many Spiritist Centers

Casa Grounds

The Casa grounds include the Main Hall, spacious gardens with numerous benches, a covered meditation deck overlooking the valley, a soup kitchen and dining area, a snack shop, a book and gift store, crystal beds, large modern bathrooms, and a taxi stand.

The Casa de Dom Inacio is unique in it’s size, scope and reputation. The Casa de Dom Inacio sits on a large bed of quartz crystal which aids in the work of The Entities.

Blessed Crystals are available in the Casa Bookstore in various sizes, along with blessed rosaries, dvds, music, jewelry, and other keepsakes.

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