Going to the Casa to be with the Entities of Light is an opportunity for a deep spiritual retreat. This is time to focus on your own growth and healing in a space held in high vibrational healing energy. It is customary to dress in white at the Casa so that the entities can better see your energy.

​​​​Casa days are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On these days, you bring your healing intentions before the entities, receive spiritual surgeries, healings, and sit in quiet meditation.

During this healing process the priority is to take good care of yourself. This includes eating healthy food and getting plenty of rest. You will have time to sit alone in quiet reflection, have a massage or enjoy group oriented meals and activities.

​​Saturday through Tuesday are integration days for what is received on the Casa days, Wednesday through Friday. The schedule is very flexible and is adjusted as needed.

We support you on all levels: logistically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually during your journey. We help to prepare you for your journey, and take care of all the trip details like food and lodging. We structure our groups so that each person realizes the highest possible experience for optimal growth. We support you to enable you to glean the greatest potentials of your time in Brazil and beyond.

“Barbara Rose brings to us a profound sense of safety, insight, personal support, logistical support, heartfelt guidance and endless patience and love. She brings clarity, vision, and insights beyond the ordinary. The deep and personal interest she has in each of us is undeniable. She wants us to all receive the most of what is available here in Abadiânia.”

~Georgia Haneke


“This is a journey that took me to places deep in my soul. Barbara Rose was my insightful, wise counsel and loving friend on my transformative journey. My trip to the Casa catalyzed unprecedented spiritual insight and growth in my life, health and vitality. I am deeply grateful.”

~ Joyce Feeney

Psychologist, Mill Valley, California

Tour Package Cost

$2440 for 2 week trip
$3620 for 3 week trip

​Price includes single standard room.
Upgrades available for an additional fee.
This is a per person cost.


Tour Package Includes

​​• Taxi ride included in Tour Package (if you arrive on Monday morning and leave with the group on Saturday evening)
• Lodging (12 nights for 2 week trip, 19 nights for 3 week trip)
​​• 3 healthy buffet meals per day at the Pousada
​​• One case of blessed drinking water per week​
• Tour Guide with personal assistance and consultation
• One crystal bed session
• One taxi ride to the waterfall
• Donation to the Casa
• Booklet and Casa Guide

Other Expenses

Expenses not included in the Tour Package:

  • Airfare [$900-$1600]
  • Passport / Visa expenses [$160-$250​]
  • Prescription of herbs for yourself [$60​- $150]
  • Prescription of herbs for photo brought [$50​/person]
  • Gifts for family and friends [as desired]
  • Additional donation to the Casa [as desired]
  • Tips for taxi drivers and Pousada staff [$75]
  • Spending money for taxis, crystal beds, misc. [$400]

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