​“I do not heal anyone; it is God that heals.
I am only an instrument in His Divine hands.”

​​- John of God
ACCOMODATIONS: Pousada Luz Divinia

"It is our deepest desire to serve your needs as you Explore and Pursue the possibilities that life has to offer, Marvel at the unfolding of miracles on this planet earth in the here and now and Choose to experience first-hand the “Other-Side” here in Abadania, Brazil, the home of John of God.”

- Russell ​Wilson, Owner, Pousada Luz Divinia
GUIDE: Barbara Rose Billings, Ph.D.

"Early in my life I made a commitment to be of service to people seeking to grow spiritually and to those wanting to heal.  It is a privilege for me to guide others who are on their spiritual path for their own Healing Journey to Brazil."

- Daughter of the Casa
​, Barbara Rose Billings
Healing Journeys to Brazil
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EXPERIENCE a Guided Journey to see John of God in Abadiania, Brazil
2017 Journey Schedule:

Spring - (Fall in Brazil)
​​March 27 -  April 8    (2 Week Group)
​March 27 -  April 15  (3 Week Group)

Fall - (Spring in Brazil)
​Oct 9 - ​​Oct 21   ( 2 Week Group) 
Oct 9 - Oct  28  ( 3 Week Group)